‘Cybercrime Politie Nederland’ Ransomware

‘Cybercrime Politie Nederland’ Ransomware Description

Cybercrime Politie Nederland Ransomware Screenshot 1The 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware is a fake Police Trojan well-known for using fake legal alerts in Dutch, with details that are designed to target residents of the Netherlands. While the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware claims to attack your PC to stop your illegal enjoyment of things like copyright-protected media or child pornography, the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware always attacks computers without trying to detect any criminal history and isn't a legitimate law-enforcement tool of the Dutch police. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers warn that you needn't pay the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware's demanded ransom to remove the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware from your computer safely and suggest all traditional anti-malware software for deleting the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware infections as they occur.

Why the Real Cybercrime isn't One that 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware Prevents

The 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware displays warning messages that indicate that the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware supposedly is a utility of the Dutch police for attacking criminally-used computers, but the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware actually is installed, like most Trojans, on any vulnerable PC that's exposed to drive-by-downloads and similar infection vectors. The 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware's alerts, pop-up windows that are modified especially to prevent you from using the rest of Windows or any other programs, may claim that your computer has been used for illegal actions, but the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware has no functions to verify its accusations. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers especially warn against paying the ransom the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware requests to unlock your computer – since this ransom fee is both illegal and not required to remove the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware.

The 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware's pop-up attacks would be of little concern if they weren't also backed up by Windows-blocking functions that will lock down your PC until the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware is disabled. Disabling automatically-launching fake Police Trojans like the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware often is achievable through Safe Mode or by booting your computer from an uninfected removable device (a CD, DVD or USB drive, for example).

Ridding the Netherlands of Its Fraudulent Internet Police Patrols

In spite of its pretensions of being a legal program, the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware should be considered malware like any other Trojan, and SpywareRemove.com malware experts recommend the use of anti-malware software for removing the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware effectively. The 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware's family has been noted for use of various methods of concealing their components, including inaccurately-naming files and injecting code into other memory processes.

The 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware's family also has another attribute worth mentioning – its aspirations towards global ransomware attacks. Even though SpywareRemove.com malware researchers only have linked the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware's attacks to the Netherlands, clones of the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware are easily able to target other countries. Some related fake Police Ransomware Trojans that can be counted among the 'Cybercrime Politie Nederland' Ransomware's family members include the 'Policajny Zbor Slovenskej Republiky' Ransomware, 'Cyprus Police Emergency Response Unit' Virus, the 'Ravnateljstvo Policije' Ransomware, the 'Medestelle Cybercrime und Kinderpornografie' Ransomware, the 'Serviciul pentru Intervenţii şi Acţiuni Speciale' Ransomware, the 'BK LPD' Ransomware, the 'Svensk National Bureau of Investigation' Ransomware, the 'Nemzeti Nyomozó Iroda' Ransomware, the 'Služba Kriminální Policie a Vyšetřování' Ransomware, the 'FEDPOL BundesKriminalPolizei' Ransomware, the 'Police Judiciaire Fédérale' Ransomware, the 'Arma dei Carabinieri' Ransomware and the 'Dirección Nacional de Policía Técnica' Virus.

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The following messages's were detected:
# Message
1Korps Landelijke Politiediensten
Cybercrime Politie Nederland
ATTENTIE! Uw persoonlijke computer wordt geblokkeerd om veiligheidsoverwegingen wegens de hieronder aangegeven redenen
Deze boete moet u binnen 48 uur voldoen vanaf het moment van het plegen van een strafbaar feit. Nadat deze termijn van 48 uur afgelopen is, wordt er gedurende de volgende periode van 48 uur informative over uw person verzamel, en dan wordt ere en strafzaak tegen u aangespannen.
Uw boete bedraagt €100.

Posted: August 8, 2013
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