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Posted: July 22, 2011

Although unlimguard.com is far from modest about unlimguard.com's anti-spyware product's features, the only thing that unlimguard.com has to offer you is a bundle of fake infection scares. The Ultimate Guard 2011 anti-spyware program that unlimguard.com sells actually is a rogue program that's a copy of other rogue programs, just like unlimguard.com itself is a copy of other websites that are maintained by the same criminals. While repetitively telling you that your PC is infected, unlimguard.com products will fail to provide anything resembling real anti-spyware services. The fake company in charge of unlimguard.com may even try to make repeated charges on your credit card and has a history of stonewalling any customer complaints, and for all of these reasons, our research team recommends avoiding all websites and products that are affiliated with unlimguard.com.

A Survey of the Entire Unlimguard.com Family

Although the sleek blue and teal interface that unlimguard.com uses may seem professional enough, unlimguard.com's true origins are easily divined by glancing over towards similar websites and rogue programs. Unlimguard.com is maintained by the same criminals that are also in charge of:

You can probably guess for yourself what our researchers found for ourselves – that unlimguard.com's famous Ultimate Guard 2011 is identical to the rogue programs that are mentioned in this list. Names may be different, but each of these rogue anti-spyware programs is built strictly for warning you about imaginary viruses and other system threats while asking you to spend money to get rid of these infections.

Trying to contact the fake company that runs unlimguard.com is a waste of your time, and trying to make unlimguard.com-related problems stop by buying Ultimate Guard 2011 will hand your credit card number over to criminals with a history of making fraudulent charges. Our malware analysts recommend skipping straight to the right solution by deleting unlimguard.com software with a good anti-virus program just as you would delete any keylogger or worm.

Blockading Unlimguard.com Infections from Your PC

Rogue programs like the ones that unlimguard.com distributes are often installed by Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert or Zlob Trojans. Be wary around suspicious media updates and disable Java and Flash while browsing dubious websites to prevent any possible attacks by these Trojans.

Unlimguard.com and other websites in unlimguard.com's family have also been caught using advertisements to redirect victims to a rogue product installation process. These advertisements may look like online system scans, which inevitably detect fake infections and recommend that you install rogue software as the solution.

Don't be surprised if unlimguard.com's Ultimate Guard 2011 launches itself without your permission and causes a variety of other problems (such as browser redirects or application crashes) while it's active. This common rogue application behavior can be disabled by a variety of means, although our malware team finds Safe Mode to be the most convenient solution for casual PC enthusiasts.